Welcome to our blog!

I, the person writing this, am a 20 something girl from Belgium. I have a passion for dogs. But also for reading, cooking and sewing.
I am studying to become a school psychologist and hope to one day be working with my therapy dog, helping kids to regain their self esteem.

I am also a dreamer.
I believe that if I try my best, I will succeed.
I am convinced we don’t have to do things a certain way, just because that’s the way they’ve always been done before.
And I do still believe in a ideal world.
Naive? Maybe. Stop dreaming? Never.

Most of all, I try to live life the golden way

As in, the way a golden retriever lives life. Always happy, always ready to go out and explore the world and just as exited about the little things as the big once.

On this blog you will read a lot about dogs. How to’s, experiences, adventures and our every day life together.

But also my own everyday life, as a 20 something. My sewing projects, the books I read, school, thoughts and idea’s.

I will bring you along during the ups and downs of life. During figuring out how to live on my own and how to be my own person. During our fun adventures, camping trips and rainy weekends. During lessons learned and advise taken. Success and failure. Happy and sad.
In short, during life.

And I really hope to see you reading along with us!